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France - "Rush Hour 3" Premiere in Paris

Source: Stephane Cardinale – Corbis / Getty

An iconic movie franchise is making a return after a 15-year hiatus.

Jackie Chan made a rare appearance at the Red Sea film festival and took the stage to announce that he’s currently in talks to make a fourth Rush Hour film alongside Chris Tucker.

It started when Chan explained how he became a huge star in Hong Kong, Japan, and eventually took Hollywood by storm with the first Rush Hour film in 1998. He thought the movie wouldn’t do well but realized he’d been wrong once the first week numbers began to roll in.

“I got a phone call. Brett Ratner and Chris Tucker called me from New York. They’re crazy. We were $70 million in the first weekend. For me, I don’t know how to count,” he said before addressing the flick’s next installment. “We’re talking about ‘Rush Hour 4’ right now.”

Chan went on to explain why he thinks his filmography has been so successful over the few decades, and it comes down to how involved he is throughout the process.

“There are so many good action stars. My action is better than some other people, not because I’m really good, but because I write a script suitable for myself. I can use the camera angle to make my action better. At night, I go home and edit myself and use those kinds of things to make my action better.”

Twitter got wind that Rush Hour 4 is in talks and immediately began to relive the hilarious and precarious adventures that Detective Inspector Lee and Detective James Carter find themselves in.

The jokes in the previous three films were often inappropriate and had plenty of racial undertones that wouldn’t work well in the current climate, but Twitter wants it to be as problematic as possible.

See how social media’s reacting below.

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