1. We’d like to see President Obama get the respect he deserves in 2015.

2. The Kardashians will all move to a remote island and disappear from the public eye (and with Kanye and Bruce and Lamar, too oh wait he’s already disappeared)

3. in 2015, we want to see the end of the senseless killings of our black youth.

4. Rihanna finds her a good guy in 2015.

5. The return of the kidnapped girls in Nigeria.

6. We’d like to see Columbus Short get his life together… and maybe back on “Scandal”!

7. Mary Jane and David work it out on “Being Mary Jane”.

8. 2014 was the year of surprising celebrity break-ups. In 2015, we hope that our favorite couples including Will and Jada, Denzel & Pauletta etc. will keep their love going!

9. People stop co-opting Black culture or at least give us some credit (ahem Iggy)!