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Have you ever found yourself flummoxed by the ending of a TV show? In the vast landscape of Netflix, certain series stand out for their ability to baffle and perplex audiences. If you’ve been stumped by these mind-bending endings, Google search data proves you’re not alone.

Judged by how many times baffled viewers searched online to try and decode the series’ endings, the online privacy expert at EarthWeb, Trevor Cooke, curated a list ranking the top ten most confusing series available on Netflix. The list analyzes the volume of search queries generated following the finale of the various series. Check out the list below!


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1. Inside Man: A Tapestry of Deception


Spike Lee’s “Inside Man” intricately weaves together multiple plot threads, immersing viewers in a high-stakes bank heist orchestrated by Dalton Russell. As detective Keith Frazier navigates the labyrinth of deception and misdirection, the audience is left questioning every character’s motives and every twist of the plot. The series’ ending, with its unexpected revelations and unresolved questions, leaves viewers pondering who was the true mastermind behind the heist.

Monthly Google Search Volume: 2800

2. Loki Season 2: Delving Into Multiversal Complexity

Source:Marvel Entertainment

The second season of “Loki” delves deeper into the complexities of alternate timelines and multiverses within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Trevor says, ‘As Loki grapples with existential questions and confronts variants of himself, viewers are thrust into a dizzying whirlwind of cosmic proportions. The season’s ending, with its mind-bending twists and unresolved paradoxes, leaves viewers questioning the very fabric of reality and the implications of their choices.’

Monthly Google Search Volume: 2600

3. Silo: Blurring Reality and Illusion

Source:Apple TV

“Silo” is a psychological dystopian thriller that challenges viewers to discern truth from fiction in a world where nothing is as it appears. With its non-linear narrative and unreliable narrator, the series immerses audiences in a web of uncertainty, leaving them questioning the very nature of reality. The ambiguous resolution and open-ended questions of the series’ enigmatic ending invite viewers to interpret the events in multiple ways and question the protagonist’s fractured psyche.

Monthly Google Search Volume: 1800

4. Fool Me Once: Unraveling a Sinister Conspiracy


In “Fool Me Once”, viewers are thrust into a quest for answers after a murder, encountering a web of deceit and betrayal. Trevor says, ‘With each revelation, the series keeps audiences on edge, questioning the motives of every character and the true nature of the conspiracy at its core.’ The series’ perplexing ending leaves viewers grappling with the ambiguity of truth and the complexities of human nature.

Monthly Google Search Volume: 1300

5. Manifest: Exploring The Mysteries Of Fate

Source:Rotten Tomatoes TV

“Manifest” follows the passengers of Flight 828 as they grapple with inexplicable phenomena and cryptic messages. With its supernatural elements and intricate character dynamics, the series challenges viewers to ponder the enigma of fate and free will, leaving them questioning the boundaries of reality. With its unresolved mysteries and unanswered questions, the ending leaves viewers contemplating the nature of destiny.

Monthly Google Search Volume: 1100

6. Succession: Navigating The Machinations Of Power


“Succession” delves into the complexities of power dynamics within a wealthy media dynasty. Through morally ambiguous characters and labyrinthine plot twists, the series confronts viewers with uncomfortable truths about ambition and privilege, leaving them uncertain of where true loyalty lies. The series’ confounding ending, with its shocking revelations and unresolved conflicts, leaves viewers questioning the nature of power and the price of success.

Monthly Google Search Volume: 1100

7. Beef: Embracing Absurdism And Surrealism

Source:ONE Media Coverage

“Beef” defies genre conventions with its surreal comedy and unconventional narrative structure. As viewers are thrust into a world where reality and fantasy blur, the series challenges perceptions and leaves audiences questioning the very nature of reality itself. Trevor says, ‘The surreal ending invites viewers to interpret the events through a lens of absurdity and introspection, while the unresolved plotlines suggest the potential for a second season.’

Monthly Google Search Volume: 1100

8. Happy Valley: Peeling Back The Layers Of Corruption


“Happy Valley” is a dark and atmospheric crime drama that peels back the layers of corruption within a small town. With its morally complex characters and layered storytelling, the series challenges viewers to confront uncomfortable truths about human nature and society’s darker underbelly. The lingering questions left by the series’ enigmatic ending leave viewers reflecting on the complexities of justice and morality.

Monthly Google Search Volume: 1100

9. Lupin: Mastering The Art Of Deception


“Lupin” follows the exploits of a master thief as he orchestrates elaborate heists, inspired by the classic French literary character. With its intricate plots and unexpected twists, the series keeps viewers guessing until the very end. Trevor says, ‘However, the show’s finale, with its multitude of unresolved threads and unanswered questions, leaves viewers bewildered and eager for closure. As the protagonist’s intricate schemes unravel, audiences are left pondering the true motivations behind his actions and the consequences of his deception.’

Monthly Google Search Volume: 800 

10. The Twelve: A Riveting Courtroom Drama

Source:Eyeworks Film

“The Twelve” is a riveting courtroom drama that unfolds through multiple perspectives, presenting conflicting testimonies and hidden agendas that challenge viewers’ perceptions of guilt and innocence. As the trial progresses, viewers are drawn into a web of intrigue and deceit, questioning the nature of truth and justice. But the series’ conclusion, with its ambiguous resolutions and lingering doubts, leaves viewers grappling with uncertainty and the complexities of the human condition. As the final verdict is delivered, audiences are left to ponder the true meaning of justice and the elusive nature of closure.

Trevor says, ‘These series may leave you scratching your head, but they also offer a thought-provoking exploration of the human condition and the nature of storytelling itself.’

Monthly Google Search: 700