1. Ja Rule

Ja Rule’s new MTV show Follow the Rules debuts on Oct. 26th

2. Janet Jackson

After a seven year hiatus Janet returned to the stage and has a new album coming out.

3. Michael Vick spent 23 months in prison and is now QB for the Jets.

4. Missy Elliot made a huge comeback performing at Super Bowl 49 alongside Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz

5. Mariah Carey got crazy in 2001. Comeback: the release of Emancipation of Mimi

6. Nicole Richie had several incidents and now she is mother, author, designer.

7. Ex-convict Mike Tyson had a cameo in The Hangover and made several documentaries

8. Marion Jones stripped of her medals, later authored a book & played for WNBA.

9. Chris Brown beat Rihanna but later picked up a Grammy and starred in films.

10. Christina Aguilara is now a mentor and judge on ‘the Voice’

11. T.I. got out of prison and has a promising film and music career.

12. Whitney Houston had began staging her comeback when she died.

13. Michael Jackson was set to began his comeback with ‘This Is It’