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1. Lena Waithe

This Emmy award-winning writer and actress has an account filled with pictures of her famous friends having fun along with selfies that help keep her account down to Earth. It also serves as a great source of inspiration.

2. Rachel Lindsay

This past season of “The Bachelorette” featured Rachel Lindsay as the first African American bachelorette ever in the shows long history. This season took viewers through a new heartwarming and heart-wrenching experience. Lindsay ended up with Dr. Bryan Abasolo! Check her account out to see all the things they’ve gotten into since the show ended.

3. Nicki Minaj

If you want to see pictures of clothes and fashion from every angle possible then definitely hop over to Nicki Minaj’s Instagram account. It’s filled with the R&B star’s fashion and is a great representation of her fiery personality.

4. Taye Diggs

If you love Taye Diggs smile then definitely find yourself over on his Instagram account! He’s always posting pictures of his smiling face. And let’s not forget about his cute little family that you just can’t get enough of on Instagram.

5. 50 Cent

Executive producer and actor on the hit HBO show “Power” 50 Cent has no problem telling you what he thinks! From his post about admitting to leaking episodes of the show to posting a photo of himself holding Dre’s daughter from the show and calling him out he doesn’t care. You can always be sure that something will be going down on his page.

6. Kerry Washington

An Instagram account that’s definitely worth a peek is Kerry Washington’s! With the return of the last season of “Scandal”, you’ll definitely want to check in on the account for behind the scenes fun from the show as well as Washington’s fun attitude and a great sense of style!

7. Issa Rae

Issa Amazing! Jk If you’re not familiar with the show “Insecure” then please find your way over to HBO! Issa Rae is the star of the hit HBO show and has definitely become an icon in her own right. Her Instagram page is filled with fun pictures of herself and cast members on the set of Insecure. You can also get to know her pretty well through her Instagram post too.

8. Kevin Hart

Although this funny man has a lot of good projects going on for him, you can always catch a good confessions video or post on his account. Hart somehow always finds himself in some trouble and then has to make a public apology about it! If you’re interested in the latest tea then keep an eye on him.

9. Viola Davis

Also, a part of the TGIT gang is Viola Davis and her page is ozzing with cute family pictures, awesome behind the scenes pictures of “How To Get Away With Murder”, pictures of her slaying in beautiful dresses and just living life.

10. Colin Kaepernick

He may not be able to play on the field because he protested for just cause but Colin Kaepernick is still making touchdowns. His page exhibits the activism that this country needs to keep pushing for no matter what and serves as a great example to all on truly winning. Check his Instagram page out for inspiration and a way to stay woke.

11. Beyonce

Beyonce’s Instagram is always a good account to follow. Whether you’re a part of the Beyhive or not Beyonce always serves in her post. It can fun selfies, pictures of her beautiful family or promos for new stuff it’s sure to please. She could post a picture of a brown paper bag and it’d still be iconic!

12. Shaq

It looks like retirement has been treating Shaq well because he doesn’t hold back on his Instagram. With plenty humorous post the basketball great can keep you entertained with his latest endeavors.

13. Teyana Taylor

Singer Teyana Taylor constantly serves looks on her account whether it’s pictures of her little girl, her and her husband to just amazing pictures of herself you’ll fall in love with Teyana Taylor.

14. John Legend

Musician John Legend takes his followers on tour with him to all his concerts all over the world! And with him is his adorable little girl Luna and his hilarious wife Chrissy.

15. Solange

If you want to follow an account that’s aesthetically pleasing and serves music then find yourself on Solange’s Instagram account. She may be the sister of Beyonce, but she too has a brand of her own with creative and funny posts.

16. Nene Leakes

One of our favorite housewives Nene Leakes is returning to “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” this season and there’s no telling what she’ll get into! But besides that Nene is always serving looks and fashion.

17. Naomi Campbell

While still being the goddess of a model she is, Naomi Campbell keeps an account that feels personal featuring selfies with her friends or pictures of her slaying the runway.

18. Sean “Diddy” Combs

Diddy is always having fun on his account that’s constantly featuring celebrities, Diddy’s latest projects his awesome taste in fashion. You’ll also catch him shouting out his family and friends.

19. Rihanna

You can never go wrong when you go to Rihanna’s Instagram account. Another aesthetically pleasing account Rihanna always finds a way to express herself through her post whether it’s through her projects or just to express a mode.

20. Serena Williams

After having her first child Serena Williams is even more of a champion. And now we’ll get to see her walk through motherhood and hopefully back to slaying on the tennis court too.