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1. Tide’s “Miracle Stain”

The Oh-No

2. Volkswagen’s “Get in Get Happy”

Most Funny

3. Budweiser’s “Brotherhood”

The Tear Jerker

4. Taco Bell’s “Viva Young”

Most Clever

5. Go Daddy’s “Perfect Match”

Most Memorable

6. Audi’s “Prom”

Talk of the Night

7. Kia’s “Space Babies”

Cutest Commercial

8. Doritos’ “Fashionista”

Laugh-out-Loud Funny

9. M&M’s “Love Ballad”

Classic Commercial

10. Wheat Thin’s “Night Vision”

Most Underrated

11. Bud Light’s “Journey”

Most Surprising Celebrity Spot

12. Hyundai’s “Team”

Most Encouraging

13. Doritos “Goat for Sale”

Funniest One Liner

14. Skechers’ “Man vs. Cheetah GoRun2”

Tom’s Favorite

15. Oreo’s “Whisper Fight”

Most Clever (Honorable Mention)

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