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Chef Judson Todd Allen’s Favorite Super Bowl Recipes
It’s about that time again: Jerseys? Check. Beer? Check. A living room filled with friends? Check. Some delicious (and healthier than you might think) snacks that everybody will LOVE?.

How Hard Should You Really Be Working Out?
According to Mayo Clinic, one of the best ways to gauge your exercise intensity is to see how hard your heart is beating during exercise.

Deya Direct Says: Fill Her Up
Most women hate going to the gas station, I know that I do. For various reasons, we don’t want to stop and “fill ‘er up.” However, when your car, your body, your mind333

After Talking To 1,000 Black Millionaires, Author Shares This Wealth Tip
What do you think you would learn after talking to 1,000 Black millionaires?

Dr. Ian Smith Wants to Get You Shredded
Dr. Ian distills his successful diet plan into a concentrated, shorter program. It’s a “destination diet,” for the goal-oriented person who wants faster, more dramatic result…

Financially Fit: Keep Your Kids on Track
This week, I came across a poll from late last year that found that 27% of 17-year-olds do not feel they have the financial intelligence they need to manage their finances…

CHIC EATS: 10 Healthy Soups Worth Slurping [RECIPES]
The weather outside is frightful, but your diet doesn’t have to be. Soup is a great healthy way to fill up without bulking up – on calories that is.

This Diet May Help Women Live Longer
What is the Mediterranean Diet? Why does it have a history of promoting weight loss, heart and brain health, cancer prevention, and diabetes prevention and control?

Money Leaks
22% of adults don’t know how much they’re spending on the big three: housing, food and entertainment, and the surest way to waste money is be unaware of what you’re spending.

Weight Loss Woes: 5 Things You Need To Do To See Results
Has it been five long months of clean eating and regular workout dates with your trainer, yet your results are nowhere to be found? You are not alone.

Get Organized!
This morning I have a cautionary tale for you. Last week, a woman in Queens threw away her life savings. She literally threw it away in a rusted out old refrigerator.

Fitness Trainer Dolvett Quince Makes Lives Better, One Rep at a Time
If you’ve watched TV’s “The Biggest Loser”, you’ve no doubt gotten a glimpse of supremely fit trainer Dolvett Quince. Quince who mixes drill sergeant techniques and compassion while working with contestants…

Rev Up Metabolism, Boost Your Mood with These Key Weight Loss Tips
Lynn, a certified fitness trainer who is seen frequently on the “The Dr. Oz Show,” says good nutrition, healthy supplements and the right combinations of food, along with exercise, can help people boost their metabolism, which burns fat and helps manage weight.

Taste of Soul: 5 Southern Comforts With a Healthy Twist
Soul food has nourished African American families for centuries. Even today, almost all of our gatherings are surrounded by this cuisine. Delicious as it may be, its tastiness far outweighs the health benefits.

Weight Loss Apps: Useful Or A Waste Of Time…& Money?
Food diaries, calorie trackers, fitness logs, you name it. We now have a number of weight loss apps right at our fingertips. Are these high-tech tools really a way to melt off the pounds or are they just a way to lose a bunch of cash? A new study reviewing app-effectiveness might surprise you.
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