From 3D movies to the traffic light, here are every day essential items that you may or may not know were invented by Black people!

Black History Month

From negro spirituals, jazz, r&b and hip hop - music has played the background of so many different pivotal moments in history. It's astonishing that major artist with international influence used their platforms to speak up for those voices whom are silenced and unheard.

Musical ensembles and choirs at HBCUs continue to train the next generations of Black musicians, showcasing talent on some of the biggest stages in the world. 

'The Amanda Seales Show' kicks off Black History Month with an interesting question: does the annual celebration still hit the way it used to?


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Celebrate Black History Month by checking out a gallery of the Black EGOT winners and some of their speeches!

Black History Month is here and for a time, the month-long celebration of Black history and achievement was a top trending topic on X.

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If you're looking for Black Owned Businesses to support this Black History Month, you've come to the right place.

We have compiled a list of 14 Black actors who have redefined what it means to be a star and have left their intangible mark on the industry.

The 2023 march call was to action against all forms of discrimination and inequality. The King family was joined by Rev Al Sharpton, Nick Cannon, Attorney Ben Crump and more...