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“Travel through the lush Napa Valley countryside and be transported back in time. Back to the romance and luxury of the golden age of train travel of the early 1900s, when guests explored the trains beyond their private quarters.” – The Wine Train Elegance on the rails is the hallmark of The Napa Wine Train. Winding […]

For some heartless people in this republic, the life of a Black man is worthless. This assertion was played out in real life last week in Long Beach, California when a white man on a commuter train dragged an unconscious Black man off the train, left him on the concrete platform, and quickly stepped back […]

President Donald Trump is threatening to shut down the federal government – again – if Congress does not fund his foolhardy border wall notion. Since the 2016 presidential election, Trump has promised his loyal base that he will build a wall to keep illegal immigrants from crossing over into the United States. Trump has repeatedly […]

  Frank Davis is an accomplished African American millionaire who hasn’t felt the sting of racism in years. Until now. Last week, Davis, and his son, Michael, entered their room at the luxurious Art Ovation Hotel in Sarasota, Florida, and their July 4 vacation was abruptly interrupted by a racist, three-word note: “You’re a N—-R.” […]

Richard Overton, who turned 112 years old in May, is America’s oldest living war veteran: He survived World War II, bombs and gunfire, the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, but became the recent victim of identity theft. High-tech thieves cleaned out his bank account with a few key strokes on a computer. Overton’s family said they […]

Has Rep. Maxine Waters gone too far? Waters, the fiery Democrat from California and one of President Donald Trump’s most vocal opponents, is calling for liberal Americans to heckle Trump administration officials in restaurants and stores to push back against Trump’s flawed immigration policy. “You think we’re rallying now? You ain’t seen nothing yet,” Waters […]

Add Kevin Moore’s name to the growing list of unsuspecting black people who are becoming victims of racial profiling in public areas for no apparent reason. A neighbor called police on Moore, a Black firefighter in Oakland, California, as he was conducting a safety inspection, dressed in his official firefighter uniform and carrying his city-issued […]

It happened again — and the pattern of racism in public spaces continues. Here’s the troubling, consistent behavior: There are some white people who are looking for a reason – any reason – to call the police on innocent Black people in parks, on streets and in coffee shops across America. But this most recent […]

Dr. Windell Davis-Boutte, a Georgia dermatologist, is a self-described hip-hop “dancing doctor” — in the operating room. But her days of grooving with surgical instruments may be over for good. It’s not exactly clear what Dr. Davis-Boutte was thinking but authorities said her dancing and rapping during surgery, singing while wielding a scalpel over half-dressed […]

The racism and abuse that John Christopher Smith experienced for five straight years conjures cruel images of a centuries-old slavery plantation era. Smith, a former employee of a South Carolina restaurant, was treated like a slave by his boss Bobby Paul Edwards: Smith, who is African-American, was subjected to racial epithets while Edwards, who is […]

  Is there political power in a rap video? Days after former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s youngest son, Jonas Kilpatrick, produced an emotional music video, entitled “Too Much Time,” which calls for Kilpatrick’s discharge from prison, Kilpatrick was abruptly transferred to a low-security federal prison in New Jersey this week. Kilpatrick was transferred after more […]

The last time I spoke with former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was in 2010, following his 99-day jail sentence for perjury and several years before he was sentenced to 28 years in federal prison for crimes that included racketeering and mail fraud. “I understand what my position as mayor meant to our community, and I […]