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If you’re Black and applying for a job in the mostly all-white town of Hoschton, Georgia, you may want to reconsider: The Mayor doesn’t want you.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Mayor Theresa Kenerly told a member of the City Council she yanked the resume of Keith Henry from a group of four finalists “because he is black, and the city isn’t ready for this.”

Not ready for a Black executive in 2019?

Henry was a talented, qualified and competent candidate for the city administrator job in the small town of Hoschton, population 1,700, about 50 miles northeast of Atlanta. But 55 years after former President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the historic Civil Rights Act in 1964, Kenerly either doesn’t think her town is ready for an African-American administrator – or Kenerly isn’t ready to forge a professional working relationship with a Black man who would wield a significant amount of power around the tiny township.

Hoschton appears plagued with harsh racial realities. The Georgia NAACP is calling for an investigation of Kenery’s comments and a volatile statement by City Councilman Jim Cleveland who says he opposes interracial marriage.

Kenerly appeared confused when approached by reporters and she seemed to develop a sudden case of amnesia.

“I can’t say I said it or not said it,” she told reporters according to The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

She later issued this statement:

“I do not recall making the statement attributed to me regarding any applicant for the City Administrator position, and I deny that I made any statement that suggest (sic) prejudice,” she said.

Another case of selective memory?

Here’s what we know: Henry said he was interviewed by Kenerly over the phone. He told a reporter that he realizes racism in America is prevalent but he didn’t feel Kenerly was particularly racist.

“It comes with the territory,” Henry told The Atlanta Journal Constitution. “If you live in America as a minority you can’t be naïve that it is the reality that you face.”

Kenerly’s alleged comments were made in a closed-door meeting of the City Council  where a City Council member overheard Kenerly whisper her remarks. But then, another council member, Hope Weeks, threw Kenerly under the bus.

“She proceeded to tell me that the candidate was real good, but he was Black and we don’t have a big black population and she just didn’t think Hoschton was ready for that,” Weeks wrote in her account,  according to The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Weeks told Councilwoman Susan Powers about Kenerly’s comments, and both women told City Attorney Thomas Mitchell.

“Both of us were just appalled, so we thought we had to do something to stop it,” Powers said.

Weeks issued a statement supporting Henry:

“Mr. Henry was a very professional and qualified candidate who was a finalist for the position of city administrator before withdrawing to accept another position,” she said. “I am thankful for the opportunity to serve the citizens of Hoschton, but this has been one of the most challenging seasons of my life.”

There is a pushback against Kenerly by members of the City Council. Some are calling for her resignation and others are demanding – correctly – that Kenerly recuse herself from the city’s hiring process.

Kenerly should not be involved in hiring city employees, especially when vetting candidates of color. Clearly, it’s Kenerly who is stuck in the past and she’s not prepared – or not willing — to move Hoschton forward.

In emails obtained by The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Powers complained about Kenerly’s behavior.

“Since she corrupted this entire process by trying to shield the application of Mr. Henry from Council members and then making the comment to the effect that while he is qualified he should not be considered because he is black and the city is not ready for this, she should not be a part of this hiring process,” Powers wrote. “I am appalled that in 2019 an applicant would not be hired based solely on the color of their skin.”

Henry, who lives in suburban Houston, Texas, may be appalled, too.

He withdrew his candidacy after he received another job offer in Texas. He also told reporters that Hoschton wanted him to pay for his own travel, room and board to come for an in-person interview on the promise of reimbursement at a later date. He said that arrangement sounded suspicious.

Here’s Hoschton’s city code: “There shall be no discrimination exercised because of race, national origin, color, religion, creed, age, sex … All personnel actions shall be based solely on individual merit and fitness.”

I wonder if Mayor Kenerly bothered to read her own city ordinance. Regardless, maybe it’s time for Hoschton’s progressive residents to elect a new mayor.

What do you think?

PHOTO: Town of Hoschton




29 thoughts on “Not Hiring: Georgia Mayor Allegedly Says Her City Isn’t Ready For Black Employees

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  2. Ivan Cohen on said:

    City not ready for Black employees….city blocked its blessings… film available at 11…..@ Mayor Kenerly “see you wouldn’t want to be you”.

  3. I have never, ever worked with a more inferior group than blacks. Most get their jobs based on the caste system and meeting a quota. Lowest iq’s by far, lack of impulse control, am violent tendencies are all scientifically proven!

    • Sandra Johnson on said:

      Then what is your excuse…………you sound very ignorant for making these comments. I have worked for many many years with whites that were not very bright like you. You are an idiot and in denial about people having low I.Q’s. You need to take a look at yourself in the mirror before you talk about others that you are not qualified to talk about. i’m sure people have said terrible things about you behind your back because you sure are stupid.

    • Queen on said:

      hahahahahahaha lord help the poor ignorant whites such as yourself who are so stooped (lol) yes stupid. you don’t have anything to offer the world because you are still stuck in your mother basement sucking on her saggy tits because every woman black white or transvestite would ot have anything to do with you. cant get it even if you paid for im sure you are a resident in this poor little stuck in time hick town. lol. boy bye….

    • Oscar Sylvan on said:

      Kenerly’s another bigoted blonde barbie bot bitch.If she’s voted out or resigns in disgrace she can easily find a job as the GA correspondent on Fox News.

  4. americanize on said:

    I,m I suppose to be shocked this is America,a white supremacist country built on violence.As for Mr. Henry,why would you want to work in a town of seventeen hundred people,you could be lynched and no one won’t say sh*t.

  5. S.D. on said:

    Mr. Webb, Amber is correct. Where are you? Stop separating the village…that is the mindset of William Lynch when he penned his letter “Let Us Make A Slave” – – pitting one against the other. It is high time for us to come out from under the shadow of the degrading evil.

  6. Linda Anderson Davis on said:

    This is an easy one. Theresa Kenerly is racist and must be fired; period. Kenerly is one of millions who have a generational negative behavior towards others outside of her race. Enough! Consequences are needed immediately!


  8. Leslie Cousins on said:

    These are women we are talking about did either of these women who supposedly heard her say this want her position or did they dislike her already? I am a woman who and have worked in an all woman work environment. I know how vindictive a woman can be when they get in their feelings.

    • natturnersrevolt on said:

      So, you think the problem is opportunistic and vindictive women who aspire to the position of the racist woman’s job, not the blatant racism and racial discrimination engaged in by the troglodyte who epitomizes Trump’s MAGAt America?

    • Amber on said:

      You have just as much of a responsiblity to take stand as they do. Do not put everything on them to do. This take the WHOLE COMMUNITY.

    • natturnersrevolt on said:

      I don’t recall there being a loss of Black Life here due to this act of racism and blatant racial discrimination. Stop assuming that Black people need so-called “Leaders”. We have black elected officials that should represent their constituency. Moreover, Black voters don’t just elect black officials. Black people should demand any official they voted for to represent their interest or risk losing their vote. The same goes for Civil Rights organizations like NAACP that solicit donations. They either stand up for their community or risk losing financial support.

    • Gunny Thompson on said:

      Mr. Webb, My Dear Brother, my question to you is not personal nor meant to be disrespectful of your right to question others of their participation in our war against racism, however, I would remind you that you also have a dog in this fight and if you are not in the trenches, you’re not in the war. What solutions are you able to provide??!!

  9. This b–ch must be related to Bull Connor–another Georgia REDNECK who wanted to keep folks of Color “in their place.”

    Somebody needs to tell this RACIST c–t that this is the 21st century—–the days of making white folks “comfortable” in their IGNORANCE are OVER.

    It’s too damn bad that the white aren’t Ready for African Americans to hold political office in her neck of the woods!!!!!!

    Bye Bye, Becky!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Ted Gravely on said:

    Affirmative Action hire for whites is in full effect. The best blacks are passed over time and time again for low achieving white people. I have little to no respect for white people in any position. I know that they are only there because of Affirmative Action, nepotism, lying or cheating. This is just another example.

    • natturnersrevolt on said:

      Ted Gravely, you are absolutely correct. America has never been a meritocracy. Research shows that the primary beneficiary of Affirmative Action has been white women. The secondary beneficiaries have been the husbands, brothers, sons, and uncles of white women. Jobs that go to white women as a result of AA automatically benefit the men in their lives. Every black person who has held a job in America has experienced racism, bigotry, and nepotism in the workplace. Sadly, most blacks have also experienced another black person aiding and abetting whites carry out their racism and discrimination against other blacks or POC in the workplace, an unfortunate survivor tactic that goes all the way back to slavery.

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