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Bobbi Storm's Private Listening Party

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Very rarely do we hear gospel songs have mainstream success in the genre of Hip-Hop and R&B, but Bobbi Storm has been a forced to be reckoned with, literally.

Dubbing herself ‘God’s Holy Mixer’, Storm has found a niche at sampling secular songs, and twisted the lyrics to become a sacred sing-a-long, or in her words, a ‘Holy Mix’.

Storm stopped by the station in to speak with Hot 100.9’s own Shayna about her ‘Holy Mix’ method to create the hit single ‘We Can’t Forget Him’, and what’s to come in her career.

Bobbi Storm is a firm Christian believer and gave her life over to Christ after the Pandemic. She mentioned during a fast that the spirit moved her to remake a popular secular song, and make it sacred. That project became a snowball effect into finding her distinctive trait in her artistry.

“I was in a fast, and the Lord just instructed me to take Muni Long’s song hours and hours, and flip it, and make it about him” Storm said. ” Once I did that. it became so big, even Steve Harvey shouted it out on one of his shows in the morning”.

Bobbi Storm is considered an R&B artist, but she makes sacred music, there was a point in time where her music was mainly secular, however she just didn’t feel it as much as the music she makes today. It wasn’t until she turned her life over to God and went on a spiritual cleanse and had a conversation with God is when she gained clarity on what exactly her calling was in the industry.

“When I gave my life over to Christ in 2021, as I was on that journey, there were certain things that I couldn’t listen to, certain conversations that I couldn’t have, certain things I couldn’t even watch on TV,” Storm explained. “I’m like ‘well God, do you want want me to sing the very thing I grew up listening to, R&B and rap and all that other stuff.’ — He’s like ‘You don’t have to change anything about you, because nothing is new, is under the sun. So you don’t have to change anything about you, you just have to convert it for me.”. And that is exactly what Bobbi Storm is doing.

Bobbi Storm's Private Listening Party

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Watch the full interview below!


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