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Buckhead Shore | Posted On The Corner Exclusive

Source: Posted On The Corner / Radio One Digital


Lifestyles of the rich and famous will always be appealing to someone out there. The cast of MTV’s new reality series Buckhead Shore, a Jersey Shore spinoff in the vain of late 2000s BET series Baldwin Hills, is however looking to change the scope of how rich kids are perceived.

Well, kind of.

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We had Parker Lipman and DJ Simmons, two leaders of the ATL-based friend group, stop by the POTC office to give us a general breakdown of why you can’t use the word “nepotism” when referring to their clique. From entrepreneurship to rubbing shoulders with the big bosses of the South, you’ll see just why after peeping their interview below.

Check out DJ Misses and Incognito’s convo with Parker and DJ of MTV’s Buckhead Shore via Posted On The Corner: