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Hip-Hop has taught us time after time that everything you hear on the internets might not be true. Yo Gotti is saying that the speculation about Blac Youngsta being released are big cap.

As spotted on Complex the Memphis, Tennessee native is facing a new batch of rumors this week. On Monday, December 27 talk about Blac Youngsta being dropped from Gotti’s Collective Music Group record label starting catching steam on social media. While it is unclear how the hearsay got started the chatter naturally landed on Gotti’s radar. Though he did not address it directly some of his posts on Tuesday, December 28 seemingly were intended to squash the talk.

“I’m seeing too much Rap [cap] on these blogs,” he wrote one tweet. On the following post he wrote “fake news!!”. Later on he got a bit more specific with his messaging saying “LIL bro A BOSS He Can’t Be Dropped #CMG #HeavyCamp”. He then asked the media to not associate any smut with his reputation. “P.s Keep my name out all these rumors”.

The chatter comes soon after Blac Youngsta took shots at Young Dolph, who was tragically killed on November 17, at a recent concert in Dallas. Additionally the “Booty” performer apparently dissed Dolph in his new video for “I’m Assuming” where he stood in front of a tombstone with the name Thornton which is also Dolph’s last name. Naturally this didn’t sit well with many fans to which Youngsta responded “I’m the type of n***a who ain’t neva sat back and looked for nobody to feel sorry fa me! I come from the heart of South Memphis where you get no sympathy, don’t even know what that is. With that being said, I could give 2 f***s what the world think about me.”

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