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1. Unemployed Sue GOP Governors for Ending Pandemic Benefits

What You Need To Know:

It appears that many Americans need to be reminded there is still a pandemic in this country and millions of Americans are still struggling to feed and clothe families, stay in their homes and find jobs.

2. As Trump Reemerges, Pelosi Seeks to Establish Select Committee to Probe Insurrection

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced legislation Monday to create a special committee to investigate the January 6 attack on the Capitol by pro-Trump supporters.

3. Coronavirus Update: Rapid Spread of Delta Variant Prompts New Mask Guidance

What We Need To Know: 

Health officials report the Delta variant of Covid-19 is likely to break out in specific communities in the U.S. Those areas include ones with low vaccination rates and low rates of prior infection.

4. Supreme Court Decision Delivers Victory for LGBTQIA Community


What You Need To Know:

The Supreme Court decided Monday not to take up the issue of whether schools must allow students to use the bathroom that matches their gender identities

5. Families Are Finessing Their Way Through Financial Aid

What You Need To Know:

A second college admissions scandal hit the news recently, involving parents who are disowning their children to secure financial aid.