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The unofficial start of the summer is upon us as we enter Memorial Day weekend. During this 3 (or 4) day weekend, people all over the United States will be headed to the beach or firing up the grill at the park or in their very own backyard with family and music blaring at ignorant levels. With the COVID-19 vaccine readily available, many will be itching to finally be outside amongst family and friends, enjoying life after being in quarantine for more than a year. And being around family and friends again, you already know it will be time to play one of Black America’s greatest pastimes: Spades.

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Yes, we know: Everyone does not know how to play spades. We also know the last thing you would want to happen is to embarrass yourself in front of the family while playing. But, we are wide open now and this weekend it’s more about being around love ones. You also need a playlist for the weekend. A soundtrack to set the mood for the festivities. You need a song to slam a spade down, cutting your opponent’s cards. A track to dance to when winning or take your mind off losing. Or, just to jam to with a drink in your hand dancing at the beach, park, or your backyard, and guess what: We got you.

Check out #SomeDudePod’s “BBQ and Spades” playlist for your Memorial Day Weekend or just to jam to. At the very least, you will be able to clean your house to this one. Enjoy!

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