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In an upcoming episode of “Waka & Tammy: What The Flocka,” Waka and Charlie share an emotional moment during the father-daughter dance as Charlie cries over her father’s absence from her quinceañera.

“Waka stepping up in Charlie’s life never gets old. It doesn’t matter if Charlie’s father didn’t show up because this is her father and this is what fathers do,” Tammy shared during a confessional. “This isn’t new. This is what he does. He’s always like that knight in shining armor. He’s just there when he’s supposed to be. He shows up and he shows out. She knows she’s loved.” 

During the dance, Charlie began to cry, which is when Waka can be overheard telling her, “You’re crying? You’ll be alright. Stop crying. Stop. You’re going to make me cry. You hear?”

Although Charlie never shared the reason for her tears during the dance, Waka knew exactly what was going on.

“Come here, baby. Awww. Don’t let that bother you, you hear me?” he told her. “I know what it is. Don’t let that bother you. I’m right here, okay?”

Waka’s mother, Deb Antney, also had sweet words for Charlie on her special day.

“Baby girl, I know you’re upset because your daddy is not here but your father has you truly on that floor,” Deb shared during a confessional. “He got you. We all got you, Charlie.”

Charlie is Waka’s stepdaughter; however, he has been a present father figure in her life long before he and Tammy tied the knot. It’s unfortunate that her biological father is not as present in her life as one would expect, but it’s beautiful that Waka has stepped up for her. 

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