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The woman who weaponized her whiteness by lying that a Black man was physically threatening her in New York City has had all criminal charges against her dropped after she completed court-ordered therapy that a prosecutor suggested cured her of her racism.

Amy Cooper, dubbed by social media as “Central Park Karen,” learned her fate Tuesday after Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi-Orbon requested the case get dropped, the New York Post reported.

“They sent her to Critical Therapy Center … who provided psychoeducation and therapy services which focused on the ways in which Ms. Cooper could appreciate that racial identities shape our lives but we cannot use them to harm ourselves or others,” Illuzzi-Orbon told Manhattan Criminal Court Justice Anne Swern. “Psychoeducation about racial equality is woven into each therapy session to prompt understanding and reflection.”

Amy Cooper went viral after a bird-watcher and Black man named Christian Cooper (no relation) asked her to put her dog on a leash in an area of the park popular with bird watchers. She was recorded on a now-viral video feigning her fear of Christian Cooper and calling police saying her life was being threatened.

Their encounter happened on the same day that a police officer in Minneapolis was recorded on video applying deadly pressure with his knee to the neck of George Floyd for nearly nine minutes.

Fast-forward nearly nine months later and Cental Park Karen has the privilege of emerging without a criminal record for displaying the same type of racism that has gotten people killed before.

This is a developing story that will be updated as additional information becomes available.


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