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1. A Promise is a Promise



What You Need To Know:

President Biden’s coronavirus stimulus relief plan is still on track to become a reality within the next several weeks.

2. A Ray of Sunshine: Mr. Danny Ray

What You Need To Know:

Despite hopes to the contrary, news of deaths in the year 2021 is not slowing down.


3. Coronavirus Update: Black Churches Step Up in Covid-19 Vaccination Efforts


What You Need To Know:

As the U.S. continues to struggle to slow the effects of the pandemic, Black churches nationwide are stepping up to make the coronavirus available to those disproportionately hurt by the pandemic.

4. Say Her Name: Sandra Bland. Say His Name: Trayvon Martin

What You Need To Know:

As we continue celebrating Black History Month, it is important for us to remember those who died at the hands of injustice and became the catalysts that reignited the movements that demand civil rights for Black people.

5. Biden Freezes Student Loans, Is A $10,000 Cancellation To Close The Racial Wealth Gap Next?


What You Need To Know:

President Biden extended the student loan payment forbearance to Sept. 30 on his first day in office, with many people holding out hope of him canceling $10,000 in federal student loans.


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