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Bow Wow is responding back to critics after a weekend in Houston where the “Shorty Like Mine” rapper and actor was criticized over an impromptu performance at Clé Houston on Friday (January 15).

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner cited Bow Wow as one of the main culprits behind the parties, thanks to a viral video of him on stage with a microphone performing.

“These events that are scheduled with @BowWowPromoTeam today in Houston are on our radar. Other bars/clubs that are operating as restaurants, beyond capacity and social distancing requirements, please expect visits. Today we report 1964 new cases and 17 more deaths,” Turner tweeted on Sunday (January 17).

In his Instagram stories, Bow Wow defended himself and once more stated he wasn’t the only person involved in the massive parties.

“Someone tell the mayor of Houston TX I’m leaving right now,” he wrote. “Geez. He singling me out as if I was the only celeb here this weekend. This is ridiculous.”

He added on Twitter, “Safe to say the mayor of houston hates my guts. I cant believe i get the blame for a whole weekend. This is ridiculous.”

Turner responded back to Bow Wow on Monday on Twitter.

“Let me be very clear. I don’t dislike @BowWowPromoTeam,” he wrote. “While the city is in the midst of this pandemic nearly 2000 infected and 17 dying yesterday, this is not the time for concerts. Help us get past this virus and then do your thing. The same for other bars & clubs.”

Bow Wow was part of New Orleans’ based promoter Larry Morrow’s birthday weekend in the city with massive events held at various venues across the city. One of them was Spire on Saturday (January 16) and the “All Black Affair” featuring Trey Songz and Fabolous was shut down by the fire marshal due to overcrowding as well as violations of the state’s COVID-19 guidelines regarding social distancing.

“We couldn’t get a proper occupancy count. The exits were blocked,” Houston Fire Chief Sam Peña told ABC 13 Houston. “The means of egress were impeded. There were chairs and tables and stuff in the path of the exit. We made a determination at that time that it was a fire hazard.”

The events hosted by Morrow felt like an “all-star weekend” vibe according to a few patrons as people ventured from all over the country to attend. According to a DJ who was at the event on Friday, Bow Wow wasn’t scheduled to perform or even make an appearance o the larger crowd as the party was for Meek Mill, Rick Ross and more. Instead, he hopped on stage for two songs and then hopped back off, but the damage was done, causing news outlets to frame it as his party and performance.

As of Monday (January 18), there are over 450,00 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Southeast, Texas.

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