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Spiritual Wellness Expert Erin Waller, founder of the BWFwoman organization that “supports and heals the brokenhearted and celebrates the inherent beauty of Christ in the spirit of women through the curation of wellness retreats, masterclass workshops and more,” is helping women strengthen their wellness and restore their mental and emotional stability. In wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Waller shared a video with us that may help ease some anxiety and stress during this time of sickness, job loss and quarantine.

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In the video up top, Waller provides tips on the fundamentals of what meditation is, how to do it, and how it helps from a faith-based perspective using the follow techniques:

  • Setting up your environment to meditate
  • Setting meditation intervals
  • Proper breathing techniques during meditation
  • Identifying the reasons you are meditating
  • The keys to sustaining mindfulness post-meditation

Waller, who also recently released her first women’s devotional journal called The BeautifulWildFree Woman’s Guide to Purpose, also recently released an affirmations podcast that provides guided meditations on things such as self-love, confidence, stability and more! Listen to Erin Waller’s podcast here.

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