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1. Coronavirus Update: Inmate In Bill Cosby’s Jail Tests Positive For Coronavirus

What You Need To Know:

 The U.S. coronavirus death toll hit a new high on Wednesday. Over 4,300 people have died from the pandemic, surpassing the number of people killed on September 11.

2. Senators Fight for Senior Stimulus Checks

What You Need To Know:

Democratic senators are fighting on behalf of senior citizens to get stimulus checks as quickly as possible. 

3. Georgia Man Caught After Killing Three People And Abducting His Son

What You Need To Know: 

There has been a tragic multiple homicide in Macon, Georgia where a black man, Caesar Zamien Lamar Crockett Jr. allegedly shot three people and abducted his 2-year-old son.

4. What The T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Means To You

What You Need To Know:

After years of negotiations, T-Mobile and Sprint made it official on Wednesday, announcing their $23 billion merger and commitment to providing access to a nationwide, superfast 5G network to urban and underserved rural communities around the country. 

5. And He’s Telling YOU…HE’S NOT GOING!

What You Need To Know:

As the coronavirus has suspended normal life, including campaign activity, Bernie Sanders is warming up to one of the Jennifers from Dreamgirls, singing, “ And I Am Telllllling You, I’m Not Going.” 

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