deitrick haddon corona relief concert

Source: eOne Nashville / Deitrick Haddon

COVID-19 is not only affecting world health and our daily routine, but the way we engage and consume content as well.

Sure, conference calls and online meetings existed prior, but at this time when mandatory quarantine is being highly recommended, many are using the Internet to stay connected in very creative and inspirational ways. 

On Sunday, March 29 at 8PM EST, Deitrick Haddon will host a “Corona Relief Concert” in an effort to help combat the global pandemic with faith. 

“I want to bring the live concert experience to the people during this critical time,” he says. “Having to cancel concerts takes the experience away, and right now we need some relief from all of the fear, stress, and craziness we’re experiencing.”

Haddon will perform some of his past hits and music from his new album, TIME (Truth Is My Energy). Tune in on Facebook Live or!



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