We can always count on Cardi B. for two things: to keep us entertained and to be about her money.

What originally started out as a rant about the uneasy feelings about coronavirus, has now turned into a charting hit.

Producer DJ iMarkkeyz released his remix of the rant and the parody song is booming all over social media.  Fans have heard it in clubs and turned to TikTok to create dances.

The popularity of the song caused it to chart on iTunes and the artist said it’s time that she reached out to the producer and Atlantic to get her coins. “The fact this damn corona virus song is charting on iTunes …Hold on ..let me hit the DJ up and Atlantic so I can get my damn coins,” she said on Instagram.

Twitter users started to ask if the pair were interested in donating funds the helping those in need with COVID-19 and both stated that is the plan!  Cardi B. made it clear that royalties money isn’t instant but she’s thinking ahead and interested in assisting families in the aftermath of the pandemic.

It’s great to see artists coming together to help during this time.


A Great Cause: Cardi B Will Donate Money Made From Viral Coronavirus Song  was originally published on rickeysmileymorningshow.com