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Phaedra Parks isn’t the only person confused as to why Kandi Burruss is hellbent on never filming Real Housewives of Atlanta with her againNeNe Leakes would also like some answers.


If you’ll recall, in 2017, Phaedra got the boot from the series at the end of Season 9. Her axing was due to her involvement in spreading a false rumor that alleged Kandi and husband Todd Tucker were looking to date rape Porsha Williams. Porsha went full steam ahead with the rumor because as it came out in the reunion, she had heard it from Phaedra who had heard it from a reputable source, which she felt made the claim more weighty. It was definitely not a good look.

From there, Kandi made it clear that if Phaedra returned to the show, she would have no part in it. But as someone who has said that people who are “good” for the show make for good TV, like friend Kenya Moore, there has been the question of why she wouldn’t just be able to avoid Phaedra instead of leaving the show if the door opened for her to make a return.

NeNe brought up the question during a live video chat with fans this week where she was asked if there was a possibility Phaedra would return. Considering how staunchly Kandi has had Kenya’s back this season, a clear nemesis of NeNe’s, and the fact that Kandi wasn’t pleased that Porsha and NeNe made peace, the HBIC of RHOA said Phaedra is just as good for the show as anybody else.

“I have no idea about Phaedra,” she said. “Honestly, I’d really like to see Phaedra back over here on the show.”

“Kandi is always doing her stuff, being mean and nasty in her interviews, yelling and doing all of that for no reason. Ain’t nobody over here did nothing to her. So it’s interesting to me that she doesn’t want Phaedra to be back over here on the show,” she continued. “Why you can’t face Phaedra? You gon’ run off the show when Phaedra come back? But you so happy to see me sit here and beef with someone. Let us see you and Phaedra go toe-to-toe, girl! Let me see you get your reads together.”

“You’re so busy telling them you’ll leave the show if Phaedra comes back, let Phaedra come back! Why you scared? You so interested in talking about everybody else’s beef, let us see yours with Phaedra,” she added. “Bring Phaedra back. C’mon Phaedra, get into it. I think she’s great for the show. Aren’t you the same girl that says you want to ‘keep this business going’? Where’s Phaedra?”

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Phaedra isn’t against returning by the way, but she is in a good place in terms of business and personal relationships, so she isn’t pressed for the opportunity. Still, Kandi’s issues with her ever being a cast member again tickle the former RHOA star. Parks said last summer to the Daily Mail, “I find it amusing because if she is that concerned about me three years later, I must have really impacted her life. So I’m glad I touched her like that.”

Kandi was made aware of Phaedra’s comments and said she found them saddening since Phaedra hasn’t said she feels sorry about that drugging and raping rumor.

“I just find it very sad that she has no remorse for what she did,” Kandi said last year on PEOPLE TV’s Reality Check. “She didn’t see anything wrong with that? I feel like, if anybody did what she did to me to her sons in the future, she would have a totally different outlook on the situation, and so I think she should just rethink it. Hey, if she doesn’t that’s cool. She’s canceled in my book, anyway.”

“We’re in different places in our lives and she’s right, it is three years later, but it’s not anything that you can play down as if it was nothing,” she added. “If somebody says, ‘Yeah, you know I just accused you of drugging people and taking them back to take advantage of them, that’s nothing. You should be over it.’ Like, really? Uh no.”

Where do you stand? Should Phaedra be able to return to the show without Kandi exiting stage left?

Check out NeNe’s thoughts on the matter by watching below, around the 24:50 mark:


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