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Kenya Moore knows you think she “earned” the downfall of her marriage that’s playing out on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and she’s issuing a response.

On Sunday’s episode, viewers saw things go left at a charity event between Kenya and her husband. According to Kenya, she played a critical role in planning the reception but you wouldn’t know it if you only paid attention to her hubby.


Marc Daly failed to publicly acknowledge his wife in his opening remarks and was snippy throughout the evening. He was even caught on camera saying he “hated his marriage” and wanted to be “saved from the drama.” Things reached a fever pitch when Marc told the production crew that they had to stop filming.

The day after the fundraiser, both Kenya and Marc announced they were filing for divorce. The charity calamity caused viewers to claim that Marc was Kenya’s “karma” for her history of meddling in other people’s marriages and relationships. Only a few episodes ago, Kenya was chomping at the bit to bring “The Cookie Lady” to meet Tanya Sam to fuel allegations that her fiancé wanted to cheat on her.

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The “karma” comments were echoed by NeNe Leakes on “Watch What Happens Live” after the episode.

“It’s really hard to feel sorry for someone that does things to other people’s marriages and relationships. I mean she’s done it to Phaedra, she’s done it to Tanya, she’s done it to me. So it’s really hard to feel sorry… It’s almost like, well karma’s a b****.”

According to Kenya however, the “karma” claims are not true and she clapped back snarkily with a pic of her daughter Brooklyn Daly. “This is my karma,” Kenya captioned the pic. She’s since deleted it from her page.


This all comes after Marc apologized,not to Kenya, but to the charity for his actions.


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