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People know Sterling K Brown for his stellar acting abilities, but it’s about time he’s known for his abs of steel, too.

The Emmy winner showed off his phenomenal physique in a recent spread for Playboy. The “This Is Us” star unveiled the photos on Instagram, fulfilling the secret dreams and fantasies of millions of women worldwide.

“More than 1 million of you have searched Google for “Sterling K. Brown shirtless”?!? Well, how’s this?🧐😉 ,” the actor captioned one of his photos.


“Big thank you to @Playboy for the chat! Peep the link in my bio for more!🔥 styling by @naz_meknat


In the interview, Brown explained that fitness is a big part of his life, but his body is not the thing he leads with when scoring jobs.

“[I’m] sneaky fit…I’m not popping out of my clothes per se, but if I ever take my shirt off, you’d be like, ‘Oh snap, I didn’t see that one coming.’ I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a job because of the way I was built. People have seen me as being a good actor, and they hire me for things in which they need a good actor.”

Even though Brown isn’t the obvious sex symbol, he certainly doesn’t shy away from the title.

“It’s a slippery slope, and it’s one that is dangerous – [but] it’s nice to have your sexuality celebrated, as long as you’re being celebrated in total, as a whole human being and not fetishized as one particular thing,” he told Playboy.


It’s clear his physical fitness adds to his mental flexibility, considering he has managed to thrive in a highly competitive entertainment industry.

“We got to keep it together, because they got Mekhi Phifer or Omar Epps on call, waiting to come in and replace your boy. You spend so long feeling replaceable that it’s hard to shake that feeling,” the father of two explained.

His goal is to continue to tell universal stories, and for the mainstream to accept Black experiences as relatable for their lives as well.

“If you have a black movie, we need to stop selling it as if it’s only for a black audience. A movie about black people can appeal to anyone. All human stories have a universal appeal when told well…”