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A few months ago, a Hollywood insider told that Tekashi 6ix9ine’s racketeering case was a big PR stunt orchestrated by his handlers, and that the rapper would be released from prison by January 2020.

NY Magee writes, “Of course my reaction was one of bewilderment. How do you get the FEDS to participate in a stunt with a so-called gangsta rapper?”

The source served up a lengthy explanation about “how the game works” and that 6ix9ine would emerge from prison with a slew of deals and notoriety waiting on the sideline. It was then widely reported that he signed a record deal worth ten million dollars.

Which left inquiring minds wondering, why would a record label offer someone facing hard time that much money to make music from behind bars?

Answer = They wouldn’t. Unless they knew 6ix9ine would soon be released.

As it turns out, Tekashi will reportedly be a free man within the next 72 hours.

After snitching on his Black male associates who are allegedly gang members, the FEDS decided Tekashi served his purpose. He’s now officially a free man, according to an exclusive report from Hip-Hop website

6ix9ine will reportedly be released from prison on Wednesday (Dec. 18) after facing a lifetime behind bars for racketeering conspiracy.

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