Florida teen ran who ran away from home because “she was bored” ended up being pimped out by sex traffickers, who dubbed her their “Breadmaker.”

According to court documents obtained by the South Florida Sun Sentinel, the 13-year-old ran away in May and later met 19-year-old Racquel Bijou, who offered to help her make money through prostitution, the documents state.

When she agreed, Bijou became her pimp, police claim, arranging for her to meet men as old as 50 for sex.

The teen told police she agreed to be pimped out because she was broke and homeless.

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Prosecutors claim Bijou then brought in two associates: 22-year-old Jeremiah Horenstein and 25-year-old Ashton Lewinson.

Bijou and Horenstein took pictures of the runaway and posted them on websites advertising commercial sex acts.

They reportedly would book hotels rooms for some clients, and drive her there in a big flashy white Mercedes.

She was sold to hundreds of men in the space of less than one month, prosecutors allege, earning her the grim nickname.

When Bijou had a falling out with Horenstein, the teen ended up working for another woman: 27-year-old Souprina Blanc.

Days after running away from home, the teenager reached out to family members via text telling them she had sex with “so many people,” the complaint says. The girl’s relatives gave the phone records to police, who discovered she’d been in constant contact with a number listed on numerous online prostitution ads.

Miami-Dade Police investigators and the FBI’s Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force set up a sting, surveilling an Airbnb rental they suspected the runaway was being harboured. The team was able to rescue the girl as she left the property.

The complaint suggests other minors may have been involved with the prostitution ring.

According to the report, between August and December, Bijou, Horenstein, Lewinson and Blanc were all arrested and charged with sex trafficking a minor. Each were held without bond. Bijou has already pleaded guilty.

If convicted, all four face life in prison.

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