Alexis Crawford

Source: Atlanta Police Department / Via APD

Barron Brantley and his girlfriend Jordyn Jones have been charged in the killing of Clark Atlanta University student and Jones’ roommate Alexis Crawford, days after Crawford reported Brantley for unwanted kissing and touching.

One of the pair led investigators to the body of the missing 21-year-old CAU student in a Dekalb County park on Friday. A medical examiner concluded that Crawford died of asphyxiation.

“I am so truly sorry that we could not provide you with a better ending,” Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields said, addressing her words to Crawford’s family.

Crawford was reported missing on October 30, days after she filed the report against Brantley. She and Jones were “not on speaking terms” according to the report for an unrelated incident. Crawford had also begun sleeping on the couch as opposed to her bedroom since the incident with Brantley where Jones said she later discovered Crawford with “cut panties.”

Brantley denied sleeping with Crawford but Crawford reported that Brantley had kissed her neck and grabbed her shoulder at a party, mistaking her for his girlfriend. Additional reports state that Jones found Brantley in the bathroom with Crawford after searching for him in the shared apartment. He denied having sex with Crawford who was only dressed in a bra. Crawford reported the incident to police, saying that she didn’t remember even going into the bathroom with Brantley nor how she ended up with most of her clothes off.

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New reports say that Jones spent the Thanksgiving and Easter holidays with Crawford’s large family, as reported by The family’s pastor says that Jones and Crawford were close friends and that Crawford and her family had embraced Jones. “They knew Jordyn, they liked Jordyn. There was never a reason to suspect that Jordyn would do anything wrong or ill to Alexis,” Hutchins told “One family member described them as two peas in a pod. To go from that to where we are today, it’s unthinkable, unspeakable.” reports that Brantley has a record and has been arrested numerous times in Fulton County Georgia for charges including family violence, theft and cruelty to children. Jones is from Michigan and according to her social media accounts, which are now private, she is 21. Ironically on her social media accounts, Jones voiced support for victims of sexual assault.




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