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For a long time, NeNe Leakes was one of the longest reigning “RHOA” housewives, scoring a paycheck higher than her fellow cast mates. But according to Kenya MooreKandi Burruss is now the highest earner of the bunch.

On a recent episode of the “Wendy Williams” show, Moore revealed that her relationship with NeNe is full of tension, particularly after NeNe threatened to spit on the mom of one.

“Well you’re after her paycheck,” Williams insinuated. “I make my own money,” Kenya clapped back, but Wendy didn’t let up. “As a housewife, she’s the top biller.”

“That’s not true,” Kenya corrected. Continuing, “Kandi makes the most money. So if I was coming for anyone’s purse or bag it would be Kandi. Kandi is the real HBIC on that show, ok? I’m just a player, I have a nice coin. My little bag I take home at night and it feeds my child very well, so I’m not coming for anybody’s money.”

Kandi is the second longest running cast member of “RHOA” behind NeNe since she joined in season 2. But when you add up all the time spent on screen, because NeNe took a break from the show during season 8, the two have appeared on the series almost an equal amount of time.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kandi is worth a whopping $35 million. At the time of the report, Kandi’s “RHOA” income was estimated to be around $450k per season. Not only is Burruss a housewife but she’s also a Grammy Award winning songwriter and record producer, and she owns multiple businesses.

NeNe Leakes is reportedly worth $14 million dollars, and at one point she was racking in around $1 million per season. There isn’t updated salary info for both of these women, but if what Kenya is saying is true, either NeNe’s salary decreased on Kandi is bringing in over a $1 million per season.

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