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Welp! It’s obvious that Wendy Williams is not in the fan or sympathetic column when it comes to Meghan Markle and her royal woes.

Tuesday on her show, Williams made it clear for all to see that she’s not getting with the program as far feeling sorry for Princess Meghan’s issues with the British tabloid media who have been all over her like stank on u-know-what since her marriage to Prince Harry.

“Meghan Markle, nobody feels sorry for you,” Wendy Williams said on her show, drawing a very divided reaction from the audience.

“You knew what you were signing up for, girl.”



Williams is apparently still upset with Markle over her claim in a recent interview that she “naively” thought nothing would change after she married Prince Harry last year.

At that point, Wendy shared a clip of an interview, in which Markle said her British friends warned her that the tabloids would “tear her apart,” and that she “did not get” the fact that she would be a constant presence in the media.

An unsympathetic Williams said, “Yes you did,” after the video interview segment finished.

“You knew exactly what you were doing. And I applaud her ‘plottation’ of the royal situation. But please, don’t try to garner sympathy from us. You knew what you were doing.”

Here’s more via the Daily Mail:

Wendy went on to point out that if Markle and her husband were so distressed by the situation overseas they could just move to America.

‘Have a mansion in Malibu, a big hut … or a big hotel or wherever you’re going to live in Africa, and have your royal palace-esque place in England,’ opined Williams.

The talk show host did then made it clear that she had nothing against the couple.

‘I like them. I really do like them,’ said Wendy.

‘But her – there’s something about her.’

Wendy continued: ‘You know what I’m saying? And you know what, girl, Meghan? Don’t be surprised if the paparazzi are everywhere, you are royal.’

Then, Wendy expanded upon a story she had told in the past about the time Markle asked to appear on the program.

Wendy explained to her audience that the press shy princess was once very much interested in the exposure that would be provided to her if she appeared on a few episodes of The Wendy Show.

Markle even went to the New York offices of the program during her pitch, but when the show called back to make the big offer they found the situation had suddenly changed for the Suits star.

Wendy asked for her producer to join the conversation at one point, and she explained: ‘So [Markle] wanted to be on the show, they chatted with her and they thought that she’d be perfect to come here and do it and then by the time we decided to book her…’

That is when the talk show host replied: ‘She was already engaged.’




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