The Weekend Screening Hosted By Madame Noire and Hello Beautiful

Source: Hello Beautiful / Courtesy of Hello Beautiful and Madame Noire

On Wednesday evening, Madame Noire and Hello Beautiful held a screening for ‘The Weekend,’ a new screenplay written and directed by Stella Meghie. The rom com is about a comedian named Zadie, played by Sasheer Zamata, who spends the weekend at her judgmental mothers’ (played by Kym Whitley) bed and breakfast with her ex-boyfriend (played by Tone Bell) and his new girlfriend (played by DeWanda Wise). The movie begins with Zadie doing a stand-up routine essentially discussing how stupid it is to think she could actually be friends with her ex-boyfriend before leading us directly into the movie.

The trailer for this movie doesn’t do the actual movie justice. I was pleasantly surprised when watching this movie at the painfully honest, relatable moments that many Black women can feel when fully trying to let go of an ex. The movie is beautifully shot and the lighting for the movie is extremely well done. I loved that Meghie cast two dark skin women to play the lead and illustrate that they are desirable by men whether it’s with their natural hair or their weaves.

The movie shows the range of DeWanda Wises’ acting and Sasheer Zamata will leave you gasping for air with laughter. At the screening, actor Tone Bell was in conversation with Madame Noire culture editor Veronica Wells and admitted that out of all the actors’ Zamata ad-libbed the most. He further revealed, “We had a lot of fun with this movie but many parts were cut out, I realize, if they left it in, it would have been a totally different movie.”

I’m glad it’s the movie it turned out to be. It was refreshing and relatable and easily can become a cult classic in the Black community. I haven’t felt anything so authentic since Awkward Black Girl back in its YouTube days. Zamata is undoubtedly the star and in future I want to see everything and anything she’s involved in.

The movie was released Friday, September 13th and will be available in select theaters and on demand. This is definitely one to watch!

Keep clicking to see images from the screening party in New York City hosted by Madame Noire and Hello Beautiful.

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