There is a storm coming. That is literally what’s happening in this 11th episode of Queen Sugar officially titled “I’m Sorry.” And although this particular episode shines as an example of how the show can find so much beauty in the smallest moments, when you process it afterward you will wonder if behind it is the portent of some dark times to come.

This episode starts out on a lovely note with Keke (Tanyell Waivers) and Micah (Nicholas Ashe) heading off to their prom. Awww, young love. Keke is incandescent and Micah cleans up well, too. The almost lovers are planning a big prom night as Keke has decided it’s time to have sex. It’s a big move. No one knows this but big brother Hollywood (Omar Dorsey) senses it and tells Micah to “be safe.” Good advice, Unc. (Kudos to the writers for the obscure – but complexionally accurate – Prince and Nona Gaye reference. Who’s the Prince fan in the writer’s room?)

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Charley (Dawn Lyen Gardner) is happy AF that her son’s headed to Harvard, though where was his father? Isn’t he still in town? Kind of mad that Queen Sugar introduced, and then dropped that entire sibling storyline. Oh, well. At least Calvin’s (Greg Vaughn) back and he and Nova (Rutina Wesley) are finally making sweet love. Finally. Calvin is just delicious and he can cook. Where dey do that at? They are enjoying this time although they’re living in two separate cities which makes getting together regularly a challenge.

Calvin might be divorced but he’s still got kids to think of and I guess it’s not time yet to introduce Daddy’s former Black mistress to the kids. In time, maybe, but their reconciliation is still new. While Nova admits that she’s prone to relationships where she can keep her physical and emotional distance, Calvin’s not having it. He’s ready to move. Move in? We’re not quite sure but wouldn’t it make sense? Although Nova says she wants it to work, she looks a little uneasy at the thought of them really being together, together.

Queen Sugar — Ep. 411 — “TBD” — Photo Credit: Skip Bolen / 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

The Landrys might be coming for Charley but Jacob Boudreaux (Lea Coco) is still trying to play nice. He doesn’t really want the city council job, but when his family says jump, he’s going to jump. The election is already in the bag. But Charley has other plans. With Nova’s help, she’s found a little something in the family tree that might help them both get what they want. Turns out, Jacob’s great, great-grandmother was – clutch your pearls – a Black woman and a Bordelon at that.  Lawd a mercy! The Boudreaux family bloodline is tainted! Well at least that’s what these folks around town will think.  Charley has Jacob mention this in his speech, knowing that the racists will vote against him. Charley might have fallen down for a minute, but she always gets back up with new plan.

Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe) is thinking about family ties, too – the ones he has with Blue (Ethan Hutchinson) and Blue’s mother. It seems that not only is he past the crushing news he’s not Blue’s biological father,  he’s ready to make amends with Darla (Bianca Lawson). He’s been going to see her ever since her relapse. While best friends Blue and Joie play on innocently, Deesha (Erica Tazel) and Ralph Angel have a little talk. Ralph Angel tells her the heartbreaking truth – he loves that girl. He says when she bleeds, he bleeds. Don’t make us cry the ugly cry, RA! We’re just not sure this is healthy for HIM. Deesha had herself more together and Darla, well, she’s complicated. They both deserve some happiness but can they find it with each other?

On to the young (almost) lovers. Damn that Louisiana weather. Prom is cancelled. Micah got an extra room just in case, but didn’t bother to mention it to Keke. Wait, wasn’t that always the plan? But now they and their friends are just going to make the best of it. Who got the weed? Just kidding, this ain’t Euphoria. Now that everyone’s got nowhere to go, they’re chilling in the suite, sharing their hopes and dreams.

But turns out, while Keke is planning to be a famous artist, Micah doesn’t know what he wants to do. Does that mean trouble ahead? Even though Keke has prepared for this night by getting on birth control (who raised this girl, she’s so on point – might have been nice to meet her parents at prom sendoff) she’s not feeling the vibes once she and Micah are alone. Maybe something has been lost in all the planning. C’mon Queen Sugar let these two do what teenagers do – they’re at least prepared and ready.

Grown lovers Vi (Tina Lifford) and Hollywood are back on track – Vi is healing from Jimmy Dale’s intrusion into her life, enough to give her man a bath and after breaking out a playlist, finally, more than that. It’s always good to see the love these two share. But this talk about his motorcycle keeps coming up— I don’t like it and I rebuke anything happening to Wood. Are more storms on the way? We’ll see. Two episodes left.

Sugar babies, what did you think of this episode?