The end of a racist man’s rant over the non-exchange of a form was caught on video at a Dallas post office.

Dallas police and the U.S. Postal Service are reportedly looking into the incident that caught others in line by surprise.

The elderly man can be heard screaming, “Give me the form,” repeatedly before he went for the jugular. “Give me the form you fool. Give me the form you a*****e, you f***ing j******. Give me the f***ing form,” he yelled. “Give me the form you f***ing n****r!”

Other people at the postal office could be heard gasping from the language used. The employee he was yelling at was on the phone with police requesting they stop by. Before they could get there, however, the man left.

Bystanders at the store wrote down the man’s license plate number and provided it to police once they arrived. It isn’t clear if they’ve identified the man yet.

Kian Salem, who captured the now-viral video, told Fox 4 he pulled out his phone as soon he heard the man raise his voice.

“I just had that gut feeling he was going to say something questionable,” Salem told the station. “So I pulled out my phone. You never know these days.”

Salem’s mother, Naylee Farjad, shared the video on Facebook with the caption: “As soon as I saw the video, I was just enraged that someone would actually use that kind of language,” she wrote. “I thought it was important to show people this is not in some town in the backwoods. This is in Dallas, Texas. A large modern city. Actions have consequences. And I hope that there are consequences for his actions.”

If identified, the postal service could ban the man under their abusive customers policy. They are currently investigating the incident.

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