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We’ve been watching Robin Givens for over 25 years on multiple television shows and movies. With each character, she embodies them as a true persona.

In her latest endeavor, “Ambitions,” Givens plays Stephanie Lancaster, a hard working lawyer for her family’s firm that is married to the mayor of Atlanta. Her characters past love affairs, family drama and so much more come to haunt her as she is determined to make an even bigger name for herself.

During the interview, we found out some fun facts about the actress. She told us her favorite cereal and how much she loved school. Yes, Givens is a bit of a nerd.

One of our favorite parts about speaking with Givens is when she sang Shalamar’s “This Is For The Lover In You.” Apparently her and her sister would sing this as well as Prince songs before bed when they were younger.

Nevertheless, one of her most unforgettable roles was as Jacqueline in the film Boomerang. It was there she played a successful Black woman in marketing that was shady, slick and more concerned about herself than the feelings of others. Givens mentioned though that she turned down multiple roles like that because she didn’t want to be labeled that way.

As she thinks about it now, she should’ve taken them and embraced them, which is what she’s doing now in the hit show, Ambitions.

Even though Givens has been acting for quite sometime, this passion wasn’t always supported by family. She did mention though that her mom recently called her to tell her she likes the character she plays now.

As for what the future holds, Robin Givens is hoping for a season 2 of “Ambitions” and looks forward to one day working with Denzel Washington.




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