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Texas couple is speaking out about the racist note left on their car in the parking lot of a supermarket.

Marqueena and Kenneth Moore were grocery shopping at H-E-B in Cypress, Texas, on Tuesday, when they returned to their vehicle and found a yellow note attached to the windshield, KVUE reported.

“Just because you are black and have a nice car does not make you handicapped ;),” read the note.

Marquenna told the outlet she was “shocked” and “then actually angry, because I’m like, the plates are right there! How do you not see?”

According to the report, the couple don’t have a handicap parking permit hanging from the rearview mirror because their plates clearly make clear that they are disabled as the words “Disabled Veteran U.S. Armed Forces” is inscribed.

“It has been amazing, but it does take a toll on your body mentally and physically,” Kenneth said of his eight years of service. The vet suffered a traumatic brain injury that left him with a stutter, he told KVUE. The couple both left the armed forces with physical injuries, and both suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the report states.

“My self and my wife served this country. So please before you are bothered or angry about seeing a Disabled Veteran plate in a handicap spot, this is to remind people of the sacrifice we made and should be thanked, not slandered with false information,” reads a post on Marqueena and Kenneth Moore’s Facebook account, according to KVUE.

After finding the note, the Moores returned to the store and employees helped them identify the person who left it on their car. Police are reportedly investigating the matter.

“You may not physically see their disability, but everyone wears their scars differently” Marqueena said. “You just have to simply go back to the Golden Rule: treating people how you want to be treated.”

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8 thoughts on “Disabled Veterans Speak Out About Racist Note Left On Their Car [Video]

  1. msladj on said:

    Its just insane that in this day and time we are still dealing with racist people. My son served his country-and retired from the armed forces- yet treated by some whites as just a n-word. It starts at the top. He served his country. He should be a hero. The way that we treat our veterans is shamegul- America has got to do better. My son has done well for himself-yet others have not. They are in need of jobs and housing. Instead of having a parade in Washington-those dollars spent could have served our veterans. Shame on you!

  2. pac4me on said:

    How many of our fathers, fathers gave and gave unselfishly to this country of ours and then were treated like the scum of the earth when they returned home? And now some poor minded fools saw what they deemed to be an unfair advantage in a fucking parking lot and had the unmitigated gall to leave a note. When will it stop!!

  3. Kam J Steele on said:

    Unfortunately this no longer surprises me because this has been the climate in this country since the current occupant in the White House slunk into office, and it keeps getting worse by the day, and will continue because too many people don’t have a problem with it, which is really disgusting and disgraceful.

  4. Phoenix Rising on said:

    Wow! Jealousy and envy written all over that. It wasn’t the handicap parking spot they were pissed off about. It was the fact, that two black disabled army veterans, who served this country honorably, and are now reaping their rewards, but at a cost, are doing FAR better than the white trailer trash who also shop there. I would actually feel honored that they were hating on me like that. Shrug it off, laugh, and keep it moving. Apparently, they’ve been “triggered”.

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