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The former First Lady of the U.S. has rented a super exclusive and luxurious pad in the Hollywood Hills, according to TMZ.

Michelle Obama, according to TMZ’s real estate sources, rented the home, which is up for sale for $23 million, this past Monday and Tuesday. The site notes that it’s newly built and other than a rental here and there, it’s never been lived in.

The house has spectacular views of the city. It’s called Shark House because there’s a tank inside with a bunch of them.

According to sources, there was “incredible security” present and the owner had to have all security cameras turned off.

(Click here and here for pics of the home.)

One realtor, who’s very well-connected in the area, tells TMZ the buzz is that Michelle might be scoping out the neighborhood and/or that particular house to set down roots. Now that she and the former Prez are empty nesters, there’s nothing keeping them in D.C., and L.A. makes a lot of sense given their recent Netflix deal and other entertainment projects.

Hmm, makes sense to us. Either way, if it’s temporary or permanent, welcome to L.A., Michelle and Barack, too, (we assume)!