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I’m sure I’m not alone when it comes to being disgruntled when you are forced to watch whatever your partner wants to watch on TV. For many of us, TV time is how we relax, decompress or entertain ourselves–but that zone out time can be easily disrupted when your significant other wants to take over the remote.

Unless you are a sports fan, hearing Steph Smith’s voice blasting on SportsCenter all night may drive you up a wall and can cause you to argue with your partner as you battle over primetime TV. But there’s a solution to this nightly conflict–two TVs.

A new study from the UK reports that couples who claim they are “extremely happy” in their marriage tend to have two TVs, reports.

The study asked blissful partners some of the reasons they believe their marriage is so successful. A couple of unexpected quirks that keep companions happy are: knowing your S.O’s phone password, learning to “agree to disagree,” and even having separate Netflix accounts.

It was also important for great couples to know how to apologize and to be reliable.

The company who commissioned the study, a diamond and jewelry company called Beaverbrooks, wanted to dive into how and what makes relationships thrive. They found the answers varied from super tangible things (like Netflix passwords), to simple actions like showing appreciation.

“We wanted to reveal exactly what constitutes a truly happy marriage,” said Lorna Haddon, the head of diamonds and jewelry at Beaverbrooks told Earth.

“Although many traditions have changed… some things will always stay the same when it comes to building a loving relationship. Whether it’s saying ‘I love you’ every day, or always finding time for your significant other – it seems there are a few key pointers that will help keep marriages happy and content for partners all over the UK.”

Hopefully these tips will help bring ease to your marriage.

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