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Erica Campbell's Book

Source: Ignition PR / Ignition PR

Erica Campbell is a Grammy-winning gospel singer, radio host, television star and just added another job to her impeccable resume.

She recently announced that she is now an author and her book “More Than Pretty: Doing the Soul Work that Uncovers Your True Beauty” can be purchased on September 24th, 2019!

In this book, Campbell inspires people to focus on celebrating the person God made them to be instead of the external side.

She will cover topics such as being honest about who you truly are, reflecting on what we have internalized about our appearances, accepting God’s will for your life and more.

Campbell said, “I wrote this book to share my heart. We all go through some of the same things in life. Whether its insecurity, anger, sadness, confusion, or fear we are all trying to figure life out. The book starts with a personal assessment of why you feel what you feel. What is the source of those feelings? When we realize we can be better- just by knowing ourselves and being honest- that’s life changing. And having God guide us through the process is all we need to be free, happy, and fulfilled. Let’s all do the soul work to uncover who God made us to be and discover the beauty inside us.”


Erica Campbell To Release Her Book “More Than Pretty” In September was originally published on getuperica.com

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