A soon-to-be married man took to Twitter to praise his fiancée for all of the financial sacrifices she made for him while they were dating, and Black Twitter erupted in anger.

Twitter user @Bobphondo outlined ten things his future bride did to help him with during a rough time, including: buying him his first car, helped him pay his rent, gave him her laptop and covered most of the costs for their dates for a year.


He ended his list of “wifey qualifiers” by explaining that he’s stable now, but wants to marry his woman because after all they’ve been through he knows that she loves him, for him.

“Though I’m very stable and all that now, I know she doesn’t really care about those things. She cares about me solely. I know she’d give me anything in the world if she had to,coz she has proved it over and over again. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the kinda woman I’m marrying.”

Twitter erupted in uproar, dismissing the fiance’s praise of his significant other as gold-digging. One can’t overlook the double standard of the situation he outlined, considering many women get bashed for wanting sponsors or providers, yet many men put the yoke of “ride or die” chick on their partners as they navigate financial hardship.

So often women have to pay the price, literally, to “earn” the title of “wife.” The “pick me” narrative makes women believe that they can perform their way into lifetime partnership–which leads many women to overspend, over-give and overdo in hopes of “winning” a ring.

While every relationship is different, and it’s important to be able to hold your partner down through the good and the bad, instances like this come off as taking advantage of someone’s resources for personal gain.



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Are people right to criticize or did she just do what any women would do to help a man get on his feet? 



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