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Roland Martin was alarmed over the weekend when he came across a video that TI shared of an elderly Black woman who appeared to have been badly beaten. 70-year-old Susan Washington’s eyes had been blackened, and her face was badly bruised. Washington suffers from Dementia and isn’t able to tell her family what happened to her. These injuries occurred in an Ohio nursing home and the staff claim she fell. The family isn’t buying it and has reached out to Attorney Ben Crump who is now representing them. “We must do something about this,” Crump insists. One month earlier “she allegedly broke her nose” from a fall, Crump explains. Which raises the question that if she fell 30 days earlier why were there not measures in place to prevent future falls and injuries.  The hashtag #WhatHappenedToGrandmaSue has gone viral and Crump assures us that “we will find out what happened to grandma sue.” In the meantime, we have to be “proactive when it comes to taking care of our grandparents.”


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