Something tells us there might be something foul going down between actor Djimon Hounsou and his ex, Kimora Lee Simmoms based on the video above.

This is also one of those stories that you learn a lot from someone who’s not saying a lot.

In the vid, Hounsou is asked about his Father’s Day. Well, apparently that seemingly innocent question touched a nerve ’cause it seems like the actor was prevented from seeing his son that he shares with Simmons.

On Monday he was caught a photog who spotted him at  an L.A. County building Monday — where it looked like he was handling some biz — asked how his Father’s Day went. When Hounsou heard the question, the look on his face said it all. But then he  says it would’ve been nice to have seen his son, Kenzo on Father’s Day.

The camera guy asks point-blank how long its been since he’s seen the boy. Djimon holds up a five, but doesn’t get specific about time frames. He then says he can’t even recall.

Here’s what’s also interesting and kinda confusing. On Father’s Day, Hounsou posted a photo of him and Kenzo together. That’s why it’s confusing … because it’s not clear if it’s just an old photograph he threw up for the holiday.

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Wait. It’s gets even more interesting when the actor walks back to his ride, when someone on the street asked him about fighting for custody. However, he quickly makes it clear that he’s not in a custody battle.

Kimora and Djimon were an item from 2007 to 2012.  Kenzo was born in 2009. He is Hounsou’s only child, but is Kimora’s third child of four.

Lastly, just as the photog asked Hounsou if he had any words for Kimora Lee Simmons, he basically scoffs and closes the door in frustration. That says a lot right there.

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