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Wendy Williams is out here living her best life since announcing her divorce from Kevin Hunter.

We’ve seen her with the Kardashians and Blac Chyna, kicking it stage side at concerts and flexing her bikini body. Now the 54-year-old appears to be hinting that she has a new man in her life.


The TV host posted a photo of her holding hands with a man on Instagram with the caption, “Last night was the most beautiful sunset in Sherman Oaks with special people. Thank you, California! You’ve won me over! I’ll be back for the Hip Hop Festival in August! #92.3 #oldenoughtobeyourmother #verysexyman #mynewlife”



The first part of the caption is nice and all but lets talk about those hashtags:




Oh, that’s how you’re doing, Wendy?! She is definitely enjoying her single life and may be getting her groove back with a younger man. We’re not mad at all! What do you think? Is Wendy dating too quickly? Answer our poll below.

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7 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Hints At Possible New Boo In Instagram Post [PHOTO]

  1. Of course mingle. Have a blast. Dont settle for anyone right now.
    LEARN YOU!!!
    Your a great mom and wife.
    His lost, your pain. But your bandaid on, and HEAL.

    • Butter Pecan on said:

      What Rebecca is saying is to give that stanky azz cooch our to any man that will pay your way at Taco Bell. Why don’t you keep your irresponsible advice to yourself, fore’ I give you a little Sandra Bland love

  2. Booga bear on said:

    Let Wendy live her life she dropped that loser now her light is gone shine brighter than ever mind your business stop hating

  3. I think Wendy is just trying to make Kevin jealous. I can’t see her dating now. It seems to be a copy to lure him back. I believe if he come back with a more sorrowful apology, she would take him back

  4. Passing Through!! on said:

    Bytch please! You don’t have a new man that fast…Lol! She’s clearly under the spell of Kardashian inspired whore Black China. Birds of a feather.

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