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Leslie Jones has called for a boycott of Sephora following a not so pleasant encounter between staffers at a New York location and the comedian’s make-up artist.

Jones recently took to Twitter with a story about her makeup artist, and the wife of her best friend, in which she details what went down when the two visited Sephora’s “2103 Broadway store” in New York City. The SNL star said her best friend’s wife “needed makeup and to learn how to apply.”

But after they hit up the Sephora, her makeup artist called Jones “in tears” because of “how bad” a “salesperson and manager” treated them.

“I sent my makeup artist @LolasBeautyMark and my best friend’s wife to @Sephora 2103 Broadway store,” Jones wrote on Twitter. “She needed makeup and to learn how to apply. My makeup artist just called in tears of how bad they treated her and my friend’s wife!! The salesperson and manager. SO NO MORE SEPHORA.”

In response to a tweet about the incident from ET Canada, Jones clarified that “Nobody puts Leslie Jones in tears.”

“I said my makeup artist and my best friend’s wife,” Jones said on Twitter. “My artist was helping her with makeup and decided to take her there for products. She was in tears. So tell the story right. Nobody puts Leslie Jones in tears son!!”

She then addressed Sephora directly, “If we spend money in your store, we deserve customer service too,” Jones added on Instagram. “SO F— YOUR STORE.”

Adding, “You got to close your store to teach your employees sensitivity,” Jones said in the caption of her post. “How about fire they a– and hire people who got sensitivity. Cause they exist!!! I’m tired of this s—!! What happened to customer service? Do we just not give a f— anymore!! #NOMOSEPHORA“


The beauty chain closed its U.S.-based stores for an hour last week for sensitivity training, days after singer SZA complained she was racially profiled while shopping. The brand reportedly has a history of racial complaints.

In a statement sent to INSIDER, representatives for Sephora said the brand holds itself “to a high, and public, set of standards around creating a welcoming space for each and every client.”

“The information shared by Leslie Jones regarding [makeup artist] Lola Okanlawon’s experience at Sephora is concerning, and the situation she describes does not reflect our values,” Sephora representatives said.

The company told NBC News on Wednesday that the information shared by Jones “is concerning.”

“It is our priority to build an inclusive community and a place where all clients feel respected,” Sephora said. “Our journey has not been perfect and is by no means complete. We will continue to learn and work toward this goal.”


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12 thoughts on “Leslie Jones Calls Out Sephora After Alleged Racist Customer Service Experience

  1. So sad how people just jump on board for anything without knowing the facts. All she said was they were mistreated. She never said how? What did they do? What did they say? What was it that made it racist? Deal w/THAT store, THAT manager and THAT sales rep if they were so racist. Racism at no time should be tolerated but make sure its a real incident of that before you make the statement and ruin someones life. When did we as black people become so thin skinned. Every little thing that happens to us is not racism. Geesh!

    • African American Woman on said:

      Its so incredibly pathetic that some people reduce every little perceived slight and some huge racially motivated wrongdoing. I’m also so tired of the stupid and needless outrage about EVERY and ANYTHING that doesn’t go their wimpy ass way.

  2. Bang215 on said:

    Called in tears? A grown a$$ person crying over makeup? SMH. This world ain’t nothing but a bunch of cry babies. Is Sephora the only place that sells makeup? I don’t think so. Go spend your money elsewhere and stop it with this petty crap.

    • African American Woman on said:

      You’re a mindless idiot who believes everything their told-as long as it fits your boo hoo I’m a poor victim. The article doesn’t even say what happened?! You brainless sheep get mad at people who think for themselves. And yes, hunny, I will spend MY money at Sephora. I’ve never had any issues with them and if I do, I will mame the decision for MYSELF because, unlike you, I don’t need others to tell me what to think and how to feel.

  3. STOP PATRONIZING business’s that DO NOT RESPECT US and OUR $$$$.
    I don’t have a problem KEEPING my HARD EARNED $$$$ in my pocket!!!!!!!

  4. African American Woman on said:

    Uhhhhh it would be great to hear what they say happen before they pull the ol’ racism train out the station. And no way and I’m abandoning Sephora!

      • African American Woman on said:

        These dumb victimized sheep believe everything is racist. If you build a white snowman, they get mad because he’s not black. Bunch of whiny babies.

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