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CBS Chicago reports a viral video shows a 24-year-old Brittany Hill shielding her 1-year-old baby from gunfire as Hill is shot at point-blank range by someone driving by in a car in the city’s west side.

via CBS Chicago:

The shooting happened in the 1200 block of North Mason Avenue on the far West Side around 8:50 a.m. on Tuesday, May 28. The video is from a city camera in the area of Division and Mason.

The video shows that as Hill gets out of her black sedan, a silver Chevy Impala drives down the street and pulls up to her. According to police, the occupants got out of the car and began shooting. Hill tried to take cover behind a car and used her body to cover the 1-year-old during the gunfire.

Hill was pronounced dead at West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park. Investigators believe she was targeted due to gang conflicts .

Police have now charged Michael Washington, 39, and Eric Adams, 23, in connection with her death.

The video footage was reportedly leaked online without the consent of the Chicago Police Department.

“We have notified the state’s attorney’s office and opened an investigation to determine who electronically accessed the video and whether anything was released or compromised,” a police spokesman said in a statement on Twitter.

Legal analyst Irv Miller told CBS Chicago that the footage could jeopardize the prosecution of this case.

“This is a major misstep by somebody in law enforcement,” Miller said. “It has to come from the Chicago Police Department or someone at the states’s attorney’s office. They’re the only ones who’d have access at this limited period of time.”

“By having this leaked, to have the public see it now could result in problems later on in the trial because jurors, and we’re all potential jurors, can’t be exposed to things like this prior to the trial,” Miller said.

Miller says the individual responsible for leaking the video could face felony charges of official misconduct.

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