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A hotel worker took to Twitter on Sunday to share footage of his recent interaction with a racist woman attempting to book a room after she called him the n-word.

Prior to arriving at the property, the woman called the employee a “fucking n****r” over the phone, which she attempted to apologize for after he refused to allow her to check into a room.

Craig Brooks, a 26-year-old guest service employee at a Holiday Inn Express in Austin, Texas, spoke with INSIDER about the incident.

Brooks says after taking the unnamed woman’s credit card information to book a room, he didn’t hang up the phone right away and heard her say “that f***ing [n-word]” while still on the line.

When the woman shows up at the hotel, he calmly explains to her that she will not be permitted to stay at the location with the rest of her family, who were already checked into their rooms.

“I need to stay here. My mother died,” the woman says in the now-viral video, which Brooks filmed on Snapchat and uploaded to Twitter.

“I understand that, but you called me a f***ing [n-word],” he responded.

The woman apologizes several times, to which Brooks says, “You weren’t sorry when you said it to me on the phone… It’s above me now.”

After speaking with the women, Brooks says he informed the hotel’s management of the woman’s racist remark, and was reminded about the company’s zero-tolerance policy of racism. So with his employer’s permission, Brooks directed the racist woman to another nearby hotel.

“There’s a Best Western next door,” he noted.

As she continues to offer up her unconvincing apology, Brooks calmly reminds her “in the climate we live in, it’s above me now.”

The video inspired “Best Western” and “It’s above me” to trend on Twitter on Monday.

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