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A man at a California demanded a table, made misogynistic remarks towards staff, insulted other customers, and then added racist remarks.

A now viral video shows a black woman confronting the man and then repeatedly hitting him before he was pushed out of the restaurant. The brawl went down on Mother’s Day.

According to Eater, it all started on Sunday afternoon when the staff of Aburi Premium AYCE Sushi told a gentleman that he would have to wait for a table at the Long Beach, Calif., restaurant. The man, who was clearly not interested in waiting, became argumentative, demanding a table.

“Where are the people? Where are they?,” he asked. Soon, the man spotted someone looking him in the eye and told the woman to “fucking look over there, bitch.”

“Yo, get the fuck out!” yelled another worker. The man then released a list of “fuck you” screams into the middle distance.

As the man’s female companion tried to usher him out of the restaurant’s door, the man began imitating a primate and making ape noises.

When the man ran into the restaurant and lunged at someone asking him to leave, a Black woman, lept into action and hit him five times. Applause and cheers ensued as the man was kicked out of the restaurant.