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According to a federal lawsuit, recent high school graduate Olecia James claims she was denied her rightful place as salutatorian of her Mississippi high school’s graduating class so that the district would not cause an issue among the town’s white residents.

In the lawsuit, uploaded for viewing by The Hill, James seeks monetary damages and a change in the race-based policies she says the Cleveland School District used to violate her rights to equal protection under the law.

James graduated last year from Cleveland, Miss.’s brand-new and recently integrated Cleveland Central High School as part of its inaugural class. Until recently Cleveland had two separate high school, one for white students and another for Black students. In her suit, James says she had the second-highest grades in the graduating class, but that the honor of salutatorian was given to a white male student with lower grades.

According to the suit the district made the decision, “to prevent white flight.” Apparently, the district was nervous about how white people would react if Olecia James’ name was announced as salutatorian.

According to James, in their attempts to justify giving the white boy her salutatorian spot, district officials changed her grades on her school records to make it seem that they were lower.

They soon apologized James says, but still presented the white student as salutatorian. They justified their decision giving more educational weight to the classes he had taken at the historically white high school over the ones James had taken at the historically black high school.

School district officials had no comment when contacted by the Mississippi Clarion-Ledger.

Attorney Lisa Ross, who represents James, told the Clarion-Ledger what should be obvious to anyone:

“These positions that are set aside for students who work hard and do well, they should be awarded on who does the best,” Ross said. “And it should be done without consideration as to whether whites will leave the school district if their kids are not selected for awards.”

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12 thoughts on “Black Student Robbed Of Salutatorian Because District Wanted To Appease Racist Town

    • Oscar Sylvan on said:

      Where’s your source of information? If that were true the board certainly would have mentioned it instead of this bullshit reason…” According to the suit the district made the decision, “to prevent white flight.” Apparently, the district was nervous about how white people would react if Olecia James’ name was announced as salutatorian.”
      Those crackers only care about integration so long as their sports teams stay in contention for state titles;otherwise educated black girls like a Olecia are considered a threat to white supremacy,as Malcolm X put it plainly.

      • There is mountains of scientific evidence that blacks have the lowest iqs. As a matter of fact, there hasn’t been a single iq test in history where blacks haven’t scored the lowest. You can deny this all you want but It is 100 percent fact.

      • Butter Pecan on said:

        It’s true Oscar. Empirical testing shows blacks with the lowest IQ’s. It’s sad really, and you are a prime example

      • This old black racist Oscar Sylvan has a huge anti-white chip on his shoulders. He has been taught since birth by other blacks and his parents to hate white people. Facts! Secondly, I hope that isn’t his real picture because he is one ugly mother f—cker for sure!

  1. Its They Way or no Way!!!!!!!! In their HEADS White is Always Rights. No wonder things always stay the same, these racists are teaching their children to be BIG TIME RACISTS.

  2. Passing Through!! on said:

    And they bytch about Affirmative Action and minority scholarship programs for people of color who earn their way honestly. It’s a shame when racist have to dim your light so they can shine.

  3. Only in the great United States does being a hard working educated black person means you get less. Passed over for scholarships, jobs, raises that are welled deserved and earned. Maybe one day we want have to sue someone to get what is rightfully ours. Good luck to you Miss James. N.G.U. #nevergiveup #justbelieve #WhatGodHasForYouisForYou…..

  4. stephanie on said:

    I’m so sorry Miss James, as black men and women, we have to fight so hard to get what is rightfully ours. May god give you the strength and courage to make right this wrong, and change that racist law in your town
    Peace and Blessing

  5. Ted Gravely on said:

    Affirmative Action for white racists never end. They have to cheat, lie and steal to stay on top. If they don’t feel good about themselves, they start a war or lynch people. Devils.

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