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JAIILLLLLL?! According to TMZ we won’t be seeing Soulja Boy anytime soon because he was just slapped with a hefty sentence for violating his probation!  The rapper appeared in court Tuesday where a judge sentenced him to 240 days in jail and 265 days of community service.

Soulja was arrested earlier this month after failing to complete his court-ordered community service and trying to falsify evidence that it was completed.  Making things worse Soulja home was raided by cops in February after an investigation was opened by an ex-girlfriend that said the rapper helped her captive in his garage.  During the raid, officers found ammunition which is in violation for his prior violation fora weapons case dating back to 2014.

The judge ordered Soulja to serve his violation sentence immediately but knocked off 40 days as credit for time served.  So it looks we won’t be seeing him until sometime in January 2020 unless he gets off for good behavior.

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