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As candidates begin campaigning for the presidency in 2020 Jacque Reid says that “Black women have political clout like never before.” Black women and the issues that they care about has seemingly created a road map for the 2020 election.

Reid goes Inside Her Story with Karine Jean-Pierre, who is a democratic strategist and spokesperson for Jean-Pierre feels that Bernie Sanders needs to try to seriously repair his relationship with Black women. Last week she says was a “huge miss,” when he was booed at the She The People event.

Sanders was asked “what are you going to do for Black women, women of color” and he didn’t have an answer. He went into how he marched with MLK which Jean-Pierre says made it obvious that, “he had nothing.” Reid says “he fell short of saying my best friend is Black.” That’s when the crowd boo’d him.

Elizabeth Warren on the other hand connects well with Black women. Jean-Pierre confidently says she’s the only white candidate “who is truly talking about income inequality, the disparities that we see in this country and she has a plan.” At She The People Warren “literally had a plan for every question that she was asked” including why Black women are dying during childbirth.

Whoever wins the 2020 election will have to win the Black vote.


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